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Princeton Dryer Vent Educational Class

Dryer Vent cleaning training

Trucks parked outside of our favorite pizza place in Princeton 

As part of our commitment to excellence, we held our monthly dryer vent cleaning educational class in Princeton NJ, this helps us stay current and improve our dryer vent cleaning skills. According to our technician, Gage, “this is the best way for us to review all of the weird things we see in the many homes we visit while cleaning dryer vents.”  As you may figure, no two homes are the same. Our air duct cleaning technicians face so much diversity every day traveling on the road to the many different homes across New Jersey. Princeton has many new condo and townhouse communities that have been built over the past years, which makes this a perfect spot to hold our training class where we can reference the many different communities and different style homes.

During the class we reviewed the different types of dryer vent hoods that are specific to these homes in Princeton NJ. The most challenging ones are the roof hoods. They are usually up high and on steep slopes which challenges even the best of us. Our approach is taking apart the vent system from the attic and clean it from there. We also review customer relations with our techs and teach them the importance of informing the homeowner about all of the different services we offer, as part of our campaign, to help keep them safe.

Clogged roof dryer vent hood    lint clogging the outside vent hood     Bird guard cleaning

We do our very best to always share, educate and execute our learning experiences with our entire group, in the hopes of keeping everyone safe and healthy.

For more information on our certifications and training techniques, please call 732.257.4590 for more information.

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