The Answer

Many people believe that cleaning out their lint filter after each load of clothes will prevent a dryer fire, they are wrong.

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Lint is so small that it by passes the lint filter and over time it starts to accumulate inside of the dryer’s cavity and the dryer’s venting system.

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Once the lint has accumulated in the system there a several triggers that make the dryer overheat and ignite the lint. Below are some of the most common:

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These triggers prevent the dryer from operating normally. Lack of airflow causes the dryer to run longer, hotter and eventually overheat. Once the dryer overheats, any lint that has built up inside of it will catch on fire.

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Don’t Let This Happen to You!

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Simple Steps to Help Prevent This from Happening

Do not store items too close to the dryer. Any flammable such as paper items, bags, boxes, etc. should not be stored too close to the dryer.

Dryer Fire Hazard - clutter around dryer

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