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Gas Fireplace Repairs New Jersey

Certified Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts Serving New Jersey for Over 30 Years.

Gas Fireplace Repairs

Apex has been providing honest and reliable service to all of New Jersey for over 30 years.  We take pride in knowing all our technicians have earned their National Fireplace Institute (NFI) and Chimney Safety Institute of America Certifications (CSIA).  Having the NFI Certification simply means our technicians went through vigorous training and education and is a national standard of excellence. Please visit for more about our certification programs.

gas log sets fireplace

It is highly recommended that you have a certified professional conduct a yearly inspection of your gas fireplace. This inspection will check for the following:

  • Proper Ignition
  • Proper Combustion
  • Change of batteries in the remote
  • Gas Leak Investigation
  • Cleaning out all dust or debris
  • A Full chimney Inspection
  • No birds or rodents in the flue

Repair Tips:

Does your pilot light keep blowing out?

Some simple tips to help you light your pilot light and get your fireplace up and running again.

  • Make sure you clean the pilot assembly of any carbon or dust build up. Use a gentle vacuum suction to clean the area.
  • Hold down the pilot knob for up to 1 minute to ensure your thermocouple is hot enough to keep the valve open.

Your flame is not coming on.

  • The most common correction on this issue is the control knob is stuck in the off/pilot position. Simply turn the knob to on to correct this.

Remote Help: Change your batteries!

So, if your pilot is not lighting, or your remote is not turning on, we can help. We have the most certified and responsive team when it comes to helping people with their gas fireplace repairs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Converting from a Wood Burning Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace has Never Been Easier.

Tired of the firewood gathering and the dirt involved in a wood burning fireplace?

The are many choices in upgrading your wood burning fireplace to a clean and energy efficient gas fireplace. No more firewood, dirt, and expense of wood.

gas log sets fireplace
nj chimney repairs by apex

At Apex Appliance, we pride ourselves as the leader in the New Jersey dryer vent, chimney, and duct cleaning industry by offering old fashion, honest, reliable service. We've been at it for over 30 years now!

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Gas Log Sets:

Gas log sets are an elegant, practical, and easy choice when you are thinking of converting your wood fireplace to gas. There are different styles and colors to choose from, and they simply install into your existing wood burning fireplace. Call Apex today to learn about all the options available to you.

Fireplace Inserts:

A fireplace insert simply slides into your existing wood burning fireplace. No more hassle of chopping firewood, carrying it into the house, sweeping up dirt and ash. Give us a call to go over your options with one of our certified designers.

Ventless Fireplace:

The ventless fireplace is absolute genius at work. There is no vent required. A ventless fireplace can easily be installed in places that do not require a venting system to function.

Free Standing, Direct Vent, or any other type of fireplace available. We are experts in all types of makes, models and design.

Wood Burning Fireplace Installations:

Our professional chimney installation team is here to help with all or your installation needs.

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Had a clogged dryer vent, that was noticed when taking me over 2 hours to dry clothes. Scheduled Apex, they were great. On time, so nice and did an outstanding job! Dryer never worked so good! I highly recommend this company.
Michele Spiegel
Great mechanic.Took the time to explain the problem and solution. Thanks
Joe O
Zach was my technician. He was punctual and professional. I'd recommend his services and will be using apex again in the future.
Great service... The technicians was very courteous and professional, they called me 25 minutes before the arrival to get me enough time to get where I want service very satisfied with their service.definately recommend to friends and family.
Syed Jafri

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