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Community Managers Feeling the Heat – Dryer Vent Cleanings

Dryer fire safety

Increasing numbers of Town Home communities in New Jersey are mandating their homeowners to have their dryer vents cleaned every 2 years, and for good reason. Clogged dryer vents are the number one cause of dryer fires. There over 15,000 clothes dryer fires each year are caused by insufficient air flow due to improper venting! This according to Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates.

Community managers have the daunting task of organizing the completion of the dryer vent cleanings and certifications in their communities.

So why is this such a challenge?

Have you ever tried to convince someone to spend money they do not have or do something they don’t think is important?


To help the new managers cope with this important mandate, we put together a few tips.

  • Hire a CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician to work in your community. This will ensure you have an experienced and educated technician that can over come any other challenges that may come up during the inspection phase of the service.
  • Get Referrals from other managers. This is the very best way to hire vendors in your community.
  • Negotiate bulk rate pricing. Vendors will quickly understand the opportunity they are given and the benefits of working within your community.
  • Have a quick meet and greet with all new vendors and listen to your gut feeling about the meeting.
  • Make sure the vendors all know the configuration of the dryer venting systems in your community. Do they have to go on the roof, use ladders and are they equipped with the proper tools and insurances that are needed

As a Certified Dryer vent cleaning company in NJ, it is our responsibility to spread awareness and inform all people of all communities, about the safety and importance of this service.

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