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Do I Really Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning New jersey

Air Duct cleaning is the single most important thing you can do to help the quality of the air in your home. Ever notice that you have sneezing attacks in the winter? But there are no tree or plant blooms, so what is causing you to sneeze more? In one word, DUST. Because it is cold outside and your house is sealed up tight for the winter, we lose the flush of fresh air circulating through the house on a daily basis. Instead we get recirculated, stale air through our air ducts.

So, how can you improve our living conditions in the middle of the winter? Professional air duct cleaning.  However, not all air duct cleaning companies are the same.

Important Questions to Ask Prior to Scheduling Duct Cleaning Service from Any Company:

  • Will both the return and supply trunk be cleaned and at what cost?
  • Will both the supply and return be brushed and air scrubbed?
  • Will each individual supply branch also be air scrubbed and brushed?
  • Will each return be air scrubbed and brushed?
  • Will the technician use an inspection device to guarantee that all debris has been removed to my satisfaction?
  • Will the return drop be vacuumed?
  • Will each register be removed and air scrubbed or will tech use only the reverse sweep method?
  • Will the Furnace/ Air Handler be cleaned and inspected?

A good cleaning company will use the best equipment and tools available. 

We use a Turbo Max III from Air-Care. It has a triple filter system that includes a HEPA Filter, to do the job right.

Air duct cleaning tools








Of course the most important part, is getting the job done right the first time. Don’t be fooled by Special Offers for $99.00 whole house air duct cleaning. These are “Bait and Switch” deals. you will not get a good job and you will pay much more than you thought.

Clean and dirty air ducts

If you go on line and research, Air Duct cleaning New Jersey, you will find many different offers that will make your head spin.

Here is the TRUTH behind the deals: 

Most air duct cleaning jobs takes 2-5 hours per home with 2 techs to complete. It takes us 1 hour to setup and bring in the equipment and another half hour to clean up and pack up.

If you break down the cost of paying 2 techs per hour plus equipment, fuel and materials, you can see it is impossible to charge only $99.00.

The actual cost will vary from $299 for a small home and $399 for a larger home, on average.

So if your interested in getting a quality air duct cleaning company to do the jog right and at a fair price, Apex Air duct Cleaning New Jersey is the one to call.

Call for a free no obligation estimate 732.257.4590.

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