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Dryer Vent Fire Prevention Morristown NJ

Morristown NJ has grown up in the past 10 years. More Townhouses & Condo communities requiring dryer vent cleanings has also grown with it.  Cleaning your dryer vent protects your home and your neighbors home from a dryer  fire. Morristown is not the only town in  New Jersey to experience this rapid growth over the past 10 years, just look around NJ. The requirement to maintain clean dryer vents in communities that the homes are attached on either side is a good one. If you clean your dryer vent and your next door neighbor does not, then you are still at risk of a possible dryer fire. Keep your home in Morristown safe from a dryer vent fire, have your dryer vent cleaned every 2 years for safety.

Lint is so small that it by passes the lint filter and over time it starts to accumulate inside of the dryer’s cavity and the dryer’s venting system. Once the lint has accumulated in the system there a several triggers that make the dryer overheat and ignite the lint.  These triggers prevent the dryer from operating normally. Lack of airflow causes the dryer to run longer, hotter and eventually overheat. Once the dryer overheats, any lint that has built up inside of it will catch on fire.

  • Have an Apex Certified dryer vent technician in once a year to clean your dryer vent. We have the knowledge to point out all the improvements that can benefit your safety.
  • Have your interior of your dryer cleaned and serviced at the time of the vent cleaning.
  • Inspect your dryer vent hood outside every month to make sure it is in good shape.
  • Check behind your dryer for clothing or a kinked vent hose.
  • Try to notice if your dryer is starting to take longer to dryer your clothes, this is the first sign of a clogged dryer vent.


In a report by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission, 75% of Households have a clothes dryer.  This means well over 70 million households have a clothes dryer.  The report also showed more 15,000 fires, 20 deaths, more than 300 injuries, and over $80 million in property damage.

Why so many fires you ask? This is because they are not cleaned on a regular basis.  Dryer vent cleaning prevents lint buildup which builds up in more places than most homeowners realize.  Most people do not pay much attention to dryer duct cleaning, at least not until there is a problem and by having your Dryer Vents cleaned by a professional will help eliminate this risk.


Things to check:

  • Make sure you clean your lint filter after each load
  • Don’t overload your dryer
  • Make sure the vent hose behind your dryer is not kinked
  • Look down the lint filter housing for heavy lint buildup (the part the lint filter slides into)
  • While the dryer is running go outside and see if the dryer vent hood’s flap is fully opened

Chimney cleaning should not be ignored. Wood burning fireplaces are fun to use and pretty to look at. Nothing beats the smell and sound of a real crackling fire. However, without proper maintenance it just could be the most dangerous item in your home. We also provide this service in our office!


Air duct cleaning is something that we tend to put off for another time or not even think about. It is one of those projects that everything else seems to come first. But as soon as you get a cold or flu, your life’s focus is achieving optimal health. Air duct cleaning is a great way to start, it provides good air quality for your home, especially in summer and winter months when we tend to run our HVAC systems the most.

We can provide an affordable way to maintain the healthiest air quality possible for your home. Our trained technicians have the knowledge and the tools to get the job done.

Please call for our Air Duct Special Pricing!


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