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Raccoon is Safe in East Brunswick NJ


On our way to East Brunswick to clean out a dryer duct, we saw a raccoon hanging on the ladder of a garbage truck. After observing it for a 1/2 mile or so, we thought it was a stuffed animal that the driver tied to the ladder because it did not move. I was very impressed on the real life effect it had as it slightly would move as the truck hit a bump. Then once the truck came to a full stop, it moved. It was real. We spent about 5 minutes trying to pull the truck over, which we finally did. If you would have seen the drivers face when he looked up, picture Eddie Murphy, big eyes and a funny smile. He jumped back 5 feet and had a few choice words when he went to the back of the truck and realized what was happening.

He backed up the truck to a nearby tree and the Raccoon climbed down and away.

Funny things happen on the road as a dryer duct cleaning technician in East Brunswick NJ.



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