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Most New Jersey townhouse and condo communities are now mandating homeowners to have their dryer vents cleaned every 2 years.

For good reason. Clogged dryer vents are the leading cause of dryer fires in the USA. With larger communities being built each year, the task for managing this for the property manager is growing more complicated. So what do you do when so many don’t comply or you have empty units with no access?

Here is one solution. Find a vendor with truck mounted air tools that can clean dryer vents from the outside. This process is very effective as an alternative to cleaning from the inside of the house to the outside.

Video link : Dryer Vent Cleaning Sayreville New Jersey

Keeping your community safe is not always easy, using all of the tools at your disposal will help. Finding a good vendor is the first place to start.

Key things to look for in a vendor:

  • Certification– make sure they are certified by NADCA or The Chimney Safety Institute of America
  • Fully Insured– make sure they have the proper liability & Workers Comp
  • Proper technique– all dryer vent systems are designed differently, make sure they are familiar with roof top hoods that are known to collect lint
  • Specialty Tools– having the proper tools to solve your communities dryer vent challenges is key, make sure to ask the vendor what type of equipment they use

For more information please visit Apex Appliance Repair & Air Duct Cleaning

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