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Bird Nest in Vents

All communities face a daunting task of keeping birds and other animals from nesting inside of vents, especially dryer vents. Building codes don’t allow screens or other obstructions that will collect lint and possibly cause a dryer fire. Traditional bird guards collect lint and create their own issues.

These are very common, but they collect lint

Most communities keep up with their biannual dryer vent cleaning mandates, which helps in the short run, but not long term. Birds can make a nest in days, and recreate an issue.

Flap is recessed and magnectically held to prevent birds from opening
Flap is easily opened with little airflow

There are new designed vent hoods that help prevent birds and other animals from entering the vent, without any type of obstructions. These types of vents are building code compliant and will help your community with the birds nesting in your vents.

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