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How to Prevent A Dryer Fire Your NJ Home

How to Prevent A Dryer Fire in your New Jersey Home! 

Don’t let this happen to your NJ home.

Every year in NJ, an unexpected house fire starts because of poor maintenance of the clothes dryer’s venting system. Lint is very flammable, and abundant in a clothes dryer. Not properly maintaining it can be deadly.

Many people believe that cleaning out their lint filter after each load of clothes will prevent a dryer fire in their NJ home, they are wrong.

thoroughly clean lint screens

Lint is so small that it by passes the lint filter and over time it starts to accumulate inside of the dryer’s cavity and the dryer’s venting system. Once the lint has accumulated in the system there a several triggers that make the dryer overheat and ignite the lint. Below are some of the most common:

overheated dryer lack of air flow  dryer-cleaning-before-after-apex

Some of the common causes of dryers overheating and catching on fire in New Jersey!

clogged-vent-hood1 clogged-bird-guardclogged-vent-hood1nest-in-ventclogged-dryer-ventkinked-vent-hose

It can be as easy as cleaning your dryer venting system, including all of the dryer ducts in the walls and ceilings. The transition hose or duct, behind the dryer is the most important, if made of the proper material, it can prevent the fire from spreading outside of the dryer’s cavity. All transitions ducts should be made out of metal material and be UL2158A listed for dryer vents.

How to Prevent a Dryer fire in your home!

  • Have an Apex Certified dryer vent technician in once a year to clean your dryer vent. We have the knowledge to point out all the improvements that can benefit your safety.
  • Have your interior of your dryer cleaned and serviced at the time of the vent cleaning.
  • Inspect your dryer vent hood outside every month to make sure it is in good shape.
  • Check behind your dryer for clothing or a kinked vent hose.
  • Try to notice if your dryer is starting to take longer to dryer your clothes, this is the first sign of a clogged dryer vent.


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