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Gage Burdge Saves a Life & Home in Trenton NJ

dryer gas flex line

Upon arrival to his service call to clean a dryer vent in Trenton NJ today, our technician Gage Burdge noticed a faint smell of gas coming from the clothes dryer area. With the customer at his side, he began to pull out the dryer to investigate further when all the sudden, a powerful, scary hissing sound was heard followed by an immense smell of GAS. The clothes dryer’s gas line was punctured and was now releasing gas freely into the home.

Gage shutting off gas

Gage quickly jump over the dryer and immediately turned off the gas and prevented the unimaginable from happening. The customer mentioned that the carbon monoxide detector was going off every once in while for the past few days but she didn’t know why. The gas line was cracked so slightly that it wasn’t until it was disturbed by pulling the dryer out, was the full extent of the damage noticed. This was a time bomb waiting to go off. If we did not show up to clean out the dryer vent today, we would have never found this.  This turned out great for everyone, especially the homeowner who could not thank Gage enough.

Gage, all of us here at Apex are very proud of you. Outstanding Job!

Gage Burdge

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