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Danger Hidden in Your Furnace Chimney

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When was the last time your furnace chimney was inspected or cleaned? 

When we think about chimney cleaning, we think about fireplace chimneys and not furnace chimneys. Our technician Andy was called out to a 3rd floor condo unit in North Brunswick NJ last week because of a carbon monoxide detector that was going off in the laundry room. Upon a detailed inspection, Andy determined the furnace chimney was clogged. However, this service call was move involved because this chimney was shared with 2 other homes in the condo complex. The scary part is we did not receive any complaints from the lower units who shared this chimney flue, so they never knew that they were in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, until we brought this to their attention.

We are so very happy nothing came of this and we are very proud of the great work our technician Andy did at the job site. He went above and beyond to make sure the North Brunswick condo homes were all safe and back running the same day.

If you don’t already have a Smoke/Carbon monoxide detector in or near your laundry/furnace room, make sure to get one.

The next time you have your dryer vent and fireplace chimney cleaned, have your furnace chimney cleaned and inspected as well. New Jersey has very wooded communities that are prone to leaves and animals making nests in places you don’t think about too often, until it is too late.

Please call for a free estimate on any of our air duct and chimney cleaning services, 732.257.4590.

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