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Bridgewater NJ Dryer Duct Suprise

Clogged roof dryer vent hood

If your dryer vent goes to the roof, we can clean it. We go through the attic and dismantle the venting system and clean the hood. . Dryer vent cleaning in Bridgewater NJ is always full of surprises. Our technicians discovered a vent hood clogged with lint after the homeowner had it cleaned by another company. Part of our Certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America, CSIA, is understanding the importance of making sure the entire line is cleared of lint build up. Roof vents are prone to capturing lint and restricting air flow. Bridgewater like many towns in New Jersey, have many condo and townhouse developments with homes that are designed with roof vents, so the next time you have your dryer vent cleaned, make sure the roof vent is also cleaned.

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