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Vetting Chimney Maintenance and Repair Services

Vetting Chimney Maintenance and Repair Services: CSIA Certification Is More Important Than Ever

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) has set the standard for reputable, quality, and safe chimney services for over a generation. It’s one of the only certification institutes recognized nationally for chimney sweeps and chimney inspectors. CSIA certification is more important than ever for a customer vetting a chimney service professional.

Like CSIA, Apex has been in business for over 30 years, and we pride ourselves on providing honest and reliable service—as should be the goal of all chimney maintenance and repair services. From one contractor to another, that means stressing the importance of staying up-to-date with training and CSIA certification.

Why a CSIA Certified Partner is Important for Roofers and Contractors

Chimney service businesses certified by CSIA are held to a high standard for professional behavior and performance. Sure, experience is paramount in this industry. However, showing your customer that you take their vetting process and your continuous training seriously is even more important—to provide them with quality service and develop a loyal customer.

Here are the responsibilities and obligations of a contractor that is CSIA-certified as a chimney sweep:

  • Learning and utilizing CSIA chimney and venting best safety practices and techniques
  • Complying with building codes and manufacturer installation instructions for installed products
  • Educating customers about chimney and venting safety practices
  • Continually learning and updating skills and techniques in the industry
  • Dealing fairly and honestly with customers

You also put into practice the proficiencies of CSIA certification, which include:

  • EPA requirements and solid fuel appliances
  • Chimney construction and technicalities related to chimney dynamics
  • Wood burning physics and creosote formation
  • Best practices and skills of the trade

Professional services make a vital difference in the safety and exposure of our customers to potential dangers, and those risks can sometimes appear less evident to the eye. So, if you notice something on the job, however slight, it’s best to speak up and make recommendations accordingly.

Taking Care of Our Chimney Maintenance and Venting Clients

Taking care of your customers is both an on-site and off-site task. Here are a few customer care considerations you may experience or need to address.

On-Site Chimney Maintenance Customer Care

If you notice that quite some time has passed since a client had a chimney inspection, speak up! It’s important for a customer to get an inspection every year, but they may not know this. Does the client or subcontractor know the access required for a level one or two chimney inspection? When installing a new appliance or replacing a flue liner, the client or sub-contractor may not know what the task involves—so please let them know. If you need assistance, we can help.

If you’re installing a new roof and see debris, this is an important step to resolve to mitigate risk for your safety and the long-term care of the customer. As you know, wind-driven debris and heat can cause significant damage. Is there another root issue here? Does the client need a regular tree-trimming service? Not only can roof debris lead to deterioration, but it can also lead to household energy efficiency issues.

Educating customers about the “why” of how you’re doing the job matters just as much as helping them mitigate long-term issues related to the job. In the end, you gain a loyal customer and more referrals.

Off-Site Chimney Maintenance and Venting Customer Care

Potential customers shopping for chimney maintenance and venting services look for transparency and a high standard of service. How does your business operate in a way that reflects these considerations off-site?

  • Do you display proof of liability insurance coverage?
  • Do you have current customer references, aside from copied and pasted testimonials from customers? Have you resolved Better Business Bureau concerns in a helpful, not dismissive way?
  • Do you guarantee that the contractor performing the job is a CSIA-certified chimney sweep?

Not all chimney maintenance and venting services are the same; every contractor and company has a different approach. Ensuring that chimney maintenance is conducted by a CSIA-certified partner is essential to success, safety, and transparency in dealing with your customers and helping them vet the right company–values that Apex practices on every job.


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