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NJ Dryer Vent Repairs

Dryer vent repair

Disconnected dryer vents are a real issue. We see many dryer vents in New Jersey become either broken or disconnected. When this happens, lint builds up around the area, most times unnoticed and poses a real danger of a house fire. This happens because most times they were not installed properly, with the correct materials. NJ building codes state that Dryer ducts that are concealed in walls and ceilings need to be made of  rigid metal duct, secured together with metal tape that is UL2158 listed and the duct needs to be supported every 4ft with metal straps. This ensures that the system can withstand the rigors of cleaning and normal use.

So what happens when the dryer vent breaks or becomes disconnected?

First we scope the system with a high definition camera to locate the area in question.

We then make a small access hole and make the repairs. NJ dryer duct repairs are becoming more common because of the duct tape that was used.. Old fashion duct tape loses its adhesive strength over the years and slips apart.

Make sure to have your dryer vent in NJ inspected by a Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician. We get our certifications  from The Chimney Safety Institute of America,


Feel free to call us for more information on dryer vent repairs in New Jersey.


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