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Duct Cleaning Estimates

Air duct cleaning tech in NJ

Duct cleaning estimates are made easier today by modern technology.

In years past, in order to locate and determine the size of homes we would have to drive to your place of residence and evaluate the project. This entails looking at the overall size of the home, the number of vents and the difficulty of the job. Driving in the State of New Jersey is never easy nor quick. Traffic on all of the major highways are usually condensed and challenging. This takes time to do and is expensive, so giving an estimate has to be built into the overall price of the project in order to recoup the time spent traveling to the job. This raises the cost to both the homeowner and the contractor, so in order for us to be able to offer a free dryer duct cleaning estimate over the phone, we had to change things.

Google Maps changed everything.

The development of Google maps over the years is a game changer. This great tool enables us to find the location of the project zoom onto the street for a ground level view of the duct cleaning project, and be able to evaluate the project. This gives us a birds eye view of the home or complex we are estimating. For example, we had a proposal to write up on a complex in Edison New Jersey for a property management company for exterior dryer vent hood replacement. From my office computer, I was able to zoom into the dryer vent hoods on the exterior of the building and see exactly what type and design they were. Here is the great part, on my office computer i was able to identify several broken ones on building 1, we then went to see the project in person, and we were able to verify the exact hoods that were broken. I cannot tell you how impressed we were to see it in person and compare it to the Google map view. We use this tool to evaluate large dryer vent cleaning projects all over NJ. Once we receive a proposal request for a project, we ask for a random address, we then zoom into the area and take a look. We are able to see how many dryer vent hoods there are, their location and if we need special ladders to access them. As a NJ dryer vent cleaning company, we need to know as much information as possible in order to plan for the job and properly price it out and be able to give them a free duct cleaning estimate over the phone.

How does a free duct cleaning estimate over the phone actually work?

It is very simple, all you have to do is count how many air ducts you have in your home.

Return Duct
Return Duct

These are the grills in which the HVAC system distributes the air into each room. Just call us with the total grills you have and the total number of outside systems you have.

HVAC Systems

Outside systems

How it works: We charge $289.00 for up to 10 vents, $20 each additional vent. so if you have 12 vents in your home with one system on the outside the total cost will be $329.00. (Special pricing subject to change)

This is all made possible with the help of Google maps, as we can see the size of your home and the overall project without leaving our office. So for a free duct cleaning estimate over the phone, please call us at 732-314-7171 .



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