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Dryer Vent Installations and Repairs

Installing new venting system
Installation of a venting system

A properly designed dryer venting system helps keep your home safe. Its function is to remove combustible gases from inside of your dryer to the outside of your home. Keeping the clean and functional is something Apex Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Services does well.

So what happens when something goes wrong, how does it get repaired?

Our CSIA certified technicians use special cameras to first locate the problem area that is concealed in your wall or ceiling. After we scope the line, we take measurements to mark the area of repair. We provide pictures and a full description of what needs to be done and the costs.

Disconnected Dryer vents in walls and ceilings

If it is discovered that there is a disconnected line in your ceiling or walls, we can fix it on the spot. We use a flexible camera to snake though the system and locate the disconnected pipe. Our tech will mark the location and make a small hole to gain access to the pipe. Once the repair is complete, we fix it, clean the lint, and patch the hole.

apex chimney repair nj camera scoping
Camera Scoping

Apex offers many different repairs and services, checkout our website on our services we provide,

Dryer Vent Installations, Repairs and Rerouting:

Do you know: The shorter the dryer exhaust system, the faster and safer your clothes will dry.

There are several reasons to have to reroute or repair your dryer venting system.

The most common are:

  • Flammable vinyl venting was used in your system
  • Flexible venting is in walls/ceilings
  • Duct tape was used to seal the joints and now separated
  • The route is too long and there is a better route
  • Slinky type foil venting was used and is not fire code (UL2158)
  • The dryer venting system is too long, the longer the system the more lint accumulates in the line creating blockages and clogs

Here is why. A clothes dryer is designed to generate a certain amount of airflow to remove heat, moisture and lint from the inside of the dryer to the outside of the home. The faster it does this, the faster your clothes dry. If your venting system exceeds the recommended designs of the building codes, the airflow is reduced causing the lint and moisture to collect inside of the vent line and eventually cause a clog. This is more prevalent in systems that vents upwards through attics and through the roof.

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