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Dryer Vent cleaning Whippany NJ

Our highly trained technicians not only clean your dryer vent, they also catch birds that fly into your house! Our technician Alex went to a routine dryer vent cleaning and  a bird flew into our customers house! Alex caught the bird and safely set it free back into the wild!!

Protect Your Home


When was the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned? Did you know that lint and debris can build up in your clothes dryer duct which causes it to work overtime, creating a potentially hazardous condition which includes dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in your home and even fires.  The following tips from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) can help keep your dryer venting efficiently working while keeping your family safe.

  • Have your dryer installed and serviced by a professional.
  • Do not use your dryer without a lint filter.
  • Make sure you clean the lint filter before and after each load of laundry.
  • Rigid or flexible metal venting material should be used to sustain proper air flow and drying time.
  • Make sure the air exhaust vent pipe is not restricted and the outdoor vent flap will open when the dryer is operating once a year, or more often have a professional Dryer Vent Cleaning service to come and clean your dryer vents.
  • Keep dryers in good working order. Gas dryers should be inspected by a professional to make sure the gas line and connection are intact and free of links.
  • Make sure the right plug and outlet are used that the machine is connected properly.


Doing laundry is most likely the most important part of your everyday routine.  But did you know how important taking care of your clothes dryer is to the safety of your home?  Having your dryer installed and serviced by a professional will help to keep your safe this includes a professional dryer vent cleaning.  Remember the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them!


Why should you hire a CSIA Certified Exhaust Technician?

When you hire a CSIA certified technician you are trusting you home and family to someone who has spent countless hours studying and passing an extensive exam which covers everything from proper inspection and maintenance of dryer vents to the applicable codes and standards relating to these systems.  The C-DET credential is the only nationally recognized credential of its kind.

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