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Dryer Duct Cleaning Training Session

Our Crew

Every month we gather to perform safety classes. These classes are designed to keep all of the techs up to date with the latest techniques that promote safety.This month, our appliance technician expert, Ray Muller assisted the dryer duct cleaning technicians in learning how to dismantle several different clothes dryers. This is an effort to train the dryer duct cleaners to properly gain access into the clothes dryer to clean out the lint that builds up. This is very important as many homeowners do not realize the dangers that lurks inside of their dryers. Just look at the photo below, this was taken in Princeton NJ last week during a routine dryer duct cleaning.

Dryer catches fire
Dryer catches fire in Princeton NJ

Our team worked very hard knowing that this service is very important to the customer and their families. We cannot stress enough about the importance of cleaning out the inside of the clothes dryer.


Dryer duct cleaning
Dryer duct cleaning tech at work


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