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Dryer Duct Cleaning Services

dryer duct cleaning services air duct cleaning NJ

Dryer duct cleaning service facts: Most dryer fires are caused by improper use. 

Drying clothes creates lint, not just some lint but a lot. Over time this lint buildup gets into the interior dryer and inside of the venting system. Once this happens, it could create a major problem. Having your dryer ducts cleaned every year could help this problem from escalating. But this is not the most common reason dryer fires happen, it is as simple as the lint filter.

Clogged lint filters can cause overheating on clothes dryers.

Apex air duct cleaning NJ

Your clothes dryer works by heating the air inside of the dryer, moving the air around the clothes allowing for evaporation to take place, then expelling the hot, moist air to the outside. The faster this process happens, the faster your clothes dryer and the more energy you save. If you clothes dryer’s lint filter becomes clogged, it prevents the air from entering the drum area, reducing the amount of flow, and slowing down the evaporation process. In addition, it is making the dryer work harder by hindering the flow of air around the burner assembly, reducing the movement of air and causing the dryer to run hotter and possibly overheat. The use of dryer sheets makes this problem ever worst. The dryer sheets create a waxy film that the lint sticks too, this makes the air almost impossible to go through small holes  of the filter. As you can see, having your dryer duct cleaning serviced is not the only thing that needs to be checked every year. Here are some safety tips.

Safety Tips: Clean your lint filter under running warm water using a soft scrub brush and soap. This will remove any build up and create good air flow.


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