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Basking Ridge Dryer Fire

Basking Ridge dryer lint fire


Upon inspection of a dryer vent in Basking Ridge NJ, my techs found a dryer that had caught fire, and the homeowner was not even aware this happened.  The awareness of dryer vent cleaning is growing, but how about the dryer itself. The interior of the dryer is just as important as the vent itself. The majority of dryer fires are caused by lint that has built up inside of the dryer. Because lint is so small, it bypasses the filter and starts to buildup inside of the dryer. Once it builds up, it is easily able to ignite, causing a dryer fire. This is very dangerous because it is not easily seen nor is it easy to access.

Things to be aware of:

  • Is your dryer taking longer to dry
  • Do you smell a burning odor
  • Is the vent hose behind the dryer kinked
  • Is there debris stored next to your dryer
  • Has it been more than 2 yrs since you cleaned out your dryer

The next time you have your dryer vent cleaned, make sure to have your dryer cleaned at the same time.

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